Page 14 - Missing Link Flipbook
P. 14

“The Puppet Fabrication team had multiple discussions about how
to deal with the fur movement in windy environments and came up with the idea of invisible UV paint.
It’s the type of material that CSI teams
use when investigating a crime scene, looking for fingerprints and other residue. A piece of Link’s fur would be painted with the UV paint, not too much at the base and more at the tip. When that piece of fur is blasted with UV light, you end up with a really bright area at the tip. Then, when VFX receives the animation plate from the stages, it reads as somewhat gray at the base and white at the tip of
the fur section. The computer then drives distortion based on luminance values. Because there is more white at the tip, it moves more, and because there is less white at the base, it moves less, just as real fur would do in the wind.”

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