Page 15 - Missing Link Flipbook
P. 15

“In the stagecoach scene, Chris (Butler) asked for swinging tassels in the interior, so we had to find a way to
motorize nearly 200 tassels. We created our own human scale live action tassel rig for research. From that we could identify and reduce the movement down to two- axis. By layering motion and offsetting the animation by a couple of frames we could produce a seemingly organic performance from a simple push and pull motor. Then we coordinated the tassels with the shades, curtains and the puppets. The whole ensemble was pre-programmed and placed on a hexapod (a six-axis motion table)
that gave the stagecoach a foundation for everything else to react to. In that scene, we had over 40 motors in play in just a few square feet of space.”

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