Page 9 - Missing Link Flipbook
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“Aperson’s identity is not given to you by someone else. Each of us creates
our own identity. That’s why there’s a lot
of play with names in the film. Mr. Link is given that name by Sir Lionel but it’s a real turning point in the film when he renames himself ‘Susan.’ I also wanted to slyly wink at gender identity, of course. It’s a classic yearning of the human being to understand who they are.”
“Nothing excites us more than an original story idea that pushes us
into uncharted cinematic waters. When we can really dig in, when we can explore the lives and build the worlds of incredible new characters that audiences haven’t met before, and bring them to life with our own unique brand of animation, that’s where LAIKA soars. There’s really nothing like it. This is what made Missing Link so thrilling to bring to life.”

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